Outfits for Different Indian Body Types
Happiness is wearing a traditional dress and we love trying new styles, right? But sometimes, a particular dress might not fit the same to you and your friend. Wondering why? Because, maybe, you two have different body shapes! And, that is why we’ve broadly categorized here some Indian body types- Pear shaped, Apple shaped, hourglass and rectangular body along with the outfits that goes well with them so that you know what to pick when you’re shopping next!

Pear-shaped Body 

Majority of Indian women fall into this category as they have narrow shoulders, slender upper body, and a broad lower body. Women with this body shape should play around their waist. Saree looks fabulous on this kind of body shape. You can also try something which is fitted at the torso like a crop top or boxy top with high waist flared bottoms which would balance out the whole look.

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 Apple-shaped Body

 Apple body shape is characterized as a wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust, waist, & upper back. However, women with such a body shape have slim legs & hips. If you are this type, you should focus on clothing that tends to elongate your torso and do not cinch to your body. Breezy, A-line silhouettes, relaxed button ups, V-neck works well with apple body shape. You should give waterfall jackets and shrugs over your kurtis or dress a try. If you’re going for dresses, try showing-off on your gorgeous legs with short and straight cut dresses. 

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Hourglass figure

Hourglass features a curvy body with a cinched waist and almost equally proportionate bust & hip area. Almost every indian outfit looks great on this body shape. If you’re blessed with this kind of body type just play along your curves. Look for sheath dresses or sarees to accentuate your curves. Fit and flare or wrap style kurtas will definitely compliment your body shape. Prints and patterns add an edge and can level up your fashion game.

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Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangular body types are women with slender bodies, straight up and down with evenly distributed weight. If you have a straight body, you should opt for silhouettes that highlight your midriff. Show off your oblong body by keeping volume on top with an oversized top with structured bottoms or a form-fitting top with flared bottoms. Peplum styles and fish cut outfits look great with this body type. You should try focusing on your collar bones, shoulders and arms with strapless dresses, scoop neck, halter neck, round neck or a more femminine neckline.

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Indian wear offers a wide variety of silhouettes and drapes and so does Taanabana.com. The styles mentioned above are according to the body shapes that Indian women often have but you should not stick just to these and try out new styles to understand what works well for you because each of our bodies is different and perfect in itself. And don’t forget, confidence is the key, so style any outfit with confidence irrespective of your body shape and you’ll definitely slay it!



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