6 Fashion Tips For This Monsoon Season

Monsoon is the season when the sky showers tears of joy! Embracing the aroma of wet soil, it is a delight to enjoy showers from your balcony with a cup of coffee in hand, however it could be a cumbersome task to manage outside in the stiflingly humid weather and iffy drizzles. Basic precautions like these should be followed:

  • One needs to be extra cautious with the overflowing drains and invisible puddles.
  • Waterproof zip locks can work wonders to keep your phone, wallet and other valuables safe. 

So, don’t forget to keep these handy in your bag to avoid any last minute mess.



And, for you to make monsoons a more enjoyable season we’ve come up with some fashion-essential tips because the rainy season does NOT mean a break from being voguish!

  • Choose light and breathable fabrics
  • Not drenching in a sudden shower sounds impossible during monsoons when we step outside! And, this is when the fabric you’re wearing plays an important role. Fabrics like denim or silk are not a wise choice because once wet, they weigh a lot and do not dry up quickly. Let your skin breathe in the humid weather with breathable fabrics like cotton and linen or polyester which dries up quickly. You wouldn’t want to catch a cold, cough, fever or irritate your skin with rashes, right?

  • Avoid see-through garments
  • Flimsy garments can go exceedingly transparent when wet and you wouldn’t want that wardrobe malfunction to happen!

  • Choose the right length
  • You would not want to spoil your newest jeans or a beautiful maxi- dress with mud stains, do you? No, right? Give your ankles some air and go for shorts and dresses or skirts with short hems. Wearing ankle length kurtas or co-ord sets would also be great to get that flattering look.



  • Watch your feet
  • It would be a really bad idea to flaunt your stilettos or kitten heels in monsoons unless you want to spoil them. However, this doesn’t mean that you should wear boring footwear; go for colorful flip flops, waterproof sneakers, rubber footwear, wedges or jelly shoes which would also look great with ethnic wear. Else, you can invest in a pair of knee- high rain-proof boots to give a bold look.

  • Show off your accessories 
  • Be a fashion girl with functional accessories! Carry a colorful umbrella with polka-dots or neon raincoats to give out a vibrant look or neutral shades for a more sophisticated look. 

    And do not forget to carry a handbag to keep your essentials and valuables safe!

  • Avoid heavy makeup
  • Sometimes, less is more. Heavy make-up won’t look good when washed away with heavy downpours. You can opt for some light, waterproof and powder- based makeup like a compact, neutral shade eyeshadow or a light blush with a matte lipstick. Cream based makeup will get sticky and start smudging earlier once exposed to the water flow. 

    Last but not the least, don’t leave your hair open. Tie them neatly and use quirky accessories to highlight your look.

    [PRO-TIP TO DRY CLOTHES FASTER: You can use a hanger to let water evaporate faster or blow dry with a hairdryer to dry out your garments.]

    Do not let monsoons muddle down the fashionista in you! Follow these tips and tricks to enjoy monsoons in style! Do share in the comments/reviews section below if we’ve missed something...

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